At each site visit AHC will provide the following services: mow, weed eat, and chemically treat each site, and provide many other services as well. At each visit we can complete federally required quarterly lighting inspections and take digital photographs of the sites. We provide information on each site at each visit if sites need attention such as replacing trees, lights out on the tower, vandalism or dumping problems, etc.

AHC can also replace and add new trees, gates, fences, rock inside compounds, guy lines and driveways, snow removal, air conditioning repair, painting, and other site maintenance as requested.

chemical weed control
lighting inspections
fencing/gate repair & install
heat repair & service
air cond. repair & service
road repair
tree & shrub placement
roof repair
digital photographs
snow removal
maintenance checklist
tower removal
building/ground inspections
any repairs needed
resources to complete site construction & removal
resources to provide tower climbing services

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