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AHC Inc. has been in business for 9 years, and the landscape maintenance contractor for American Tower Corporation in the midwestern states since 2000. AHC has also worked for SBA Tower, Heartland Tower, and American Family Radio in this region with their tower site maintenance. Prior to 2000, AHC has worked for Southwestern Bell Telephone Company. States that have been serviced by AHC inc. are: Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. AHC Inc. has the capability of going nationwide with their experienced site maintenance crews. We pride ourselves in our work and dedication to each company we serve and to each site we maintain.

AHC Inc. reduces your cost tremendously by having one contractor taking care of your sites at a flat and reduced rate per site. AHC Inc. is only one phone call to take care of all your tower or site maintenance needs; and we become a managerial source to you as well. At each site visit, we take notes on any possible needs that may arise. If there are vandalism, or trash problems, we make recommendations. We have a checklist for each site that includes our scope of work, to verify everything is completed for each individual site. Each crew has a laptop, map programs, GPS units, digital camera, new riding lawnmowers, weed eaters, brush cutters, chainsaws, sprayers, power sprayers, bush hogs, skid steers, etc.

Amanda Hale Contracting Inc. has the experience and capability to complete the work across the nation as well as has the managerial experience necessary to accomplish this task. We guarantee all our work, and pride ourselves in our availability to you at any time. AHC Inc. is happy to provide these services with one contact person and one set of invoices. This makes your job much easier as all your ground maintenance services are taken care of by one contractor with one phone call or email. We pride ourselves in doing things immediately and correctly.

AHC has vast experience in ground maintenance and chemical applications, and we pride ourselves on our excellent safety record. AHC has provided these services on over 3500 sites each year, and are capable of maintaining many more with our professional and experienced employees and crew chiefs. Each state also has a head manager, which oversees each crew and does spot checks each month to verify all work is completed correctly. We are licensed and insured in all states meeting the approved vendor requirements of your company. Each crew has been working for AHC for 4-9 years. They know how to find the sites, what needs they have, and respect the property, landowners, and customers as they have constant contact with them. Each crew is available by cell phone to each state field supervisor to answer questions, or to meet on-site if needed.

AHC Inc. will help reduce your costs by keeping site maintenance visits to a minimum and handling any managerial site work that may arise. AHC will reduce your costs, lessen your work load, and be your one phone call to take care of all your
site maintenance needs.

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